2016-2017 Board Members


Alana Pierce, President

President Alana Pierce has a combined 11 years of experience in areas of accounting, HR management, operations and risk management, fundraising, and marketing in small businesses. She currently contracts with groups to set up systems and develop strategies that help build them into successful and accountable organizations. Additionally, Alana is currently enrolled in the MBA program at Western Carolina University. With a passion is traveling, she has had the privilege of exploring the globe – having visited New Zealand, China, Ghana, Chile, and Fiji. She also enjoys hiking, swimming, archery, and, just recently, Tae Kwon Do.


Aiden Carson, Vice President & Voting Rights Co-Chair

Vice President Aiden Carson moved to Asheville in 1982, and has been involved with the League ever since. “I was attracted by its long history of non-partisan advocacy and voter education,” says Ms. Carson. Her 2013 retirement allowed more time to be spent working with the League in Voter Services and becoming a Board Member a year later. “I feel proud to include my name on the roster of dedicated women who have sought to make our democracy work for almost a hundred years.”


Alex Nuesse, Secretary

Secretary Alex Nuesse felt a pull for involvement in politics following the 2016 election. Ms. Nuesse found the League in January of 2017 and immediately began attending board and membership meetings as often as possible. Ultimately, her decision to work with the League was cemented because of our non-partisan approach to local, state, and national issues. Ms. Nuesse has lived in Asheville for almost three years, works full-time at a local cidery, and enjoys her spare time hiking with her boyfriend and their dog. “I look forward to helping the community learn more about the political system and how they can become more engaged in the their local, state, and national communities.” 


Lynn Lederer, Treasurer

Treasurer Lynn Lederer and her husband retired to Asheville from Nepal in 2013 having spent the previous 17 years involved in various development projects based mainly in Africa (Namibia, Mali and Zambia). Her involvement with the League began with a friend encouraging her involvement in the summer of 2014, and a year later she became Treasurer and Roster Manager. Her duties include keeping the accounts, paying the bills, and receiving and depositing money, as well as ensuring our membership list is always up-to-date!  In addition to the League, Mrs. Lederer regularly volunteers at MANNA, wherein she assists people in western NC sign up for food stamps or access food resources in their communities, and at Care Partners Foundation Estate Sales, which supports the hospice program from which both of her parents greatly benefited.


Juanita Carrier,  Board Member

Board Member Juanita Carrier claims herself  a ‘newbie’ in both the mountains and the League here in Asheville.  Mrs. Carrier and her husband, Mike, moved to the Swannanoa Mountains during the 2016/2017 winter from Charlotte, where she worked as an IT Manager through December of 2016.  Prior to her retirement, she had been involved with the League in Charlotte, most notably during the 80s when the passage of ERA was a diligent pursuit.  As result of a growing family, a return to school, and a demanding job, her ability to volunteer dwindled. Following  the 2017 election and her retirement, “I decided my philosophy of ‘all I can do is vote’ was not sufficient.”  Juanita is currently serving as coordinator for our upcoming End Gerrymander 5K run/walk on November -aimed towards highlighting the unfair gerrymandered results created by our NC redistricting system and publicizing the valuable work of our organization.


Ruth O’Donnell, Board Member

Board Member Ruth O’Donnell has been a League member since 2008, and an A-BC League member since 2015 following her move from Tallahassee, Florida. She is a Director on the Board for 2017-18 and has served in that role since 2016. As a Board member, she is responsible for mentoring some of our members, participating in Board and other League meetings, and sharing responsibility for the management of our League. Ruth is also chair of the Membership Committee and has been working hard with other Committee members to increase membership and provide members with an improved League experience. In 2017 she became lead person on the Education & Discussion Action Team and will be working with that group to bring quarterly programs to members and the public.


Linda Weldon, Board Member

Board Member Linda Weldon joins the A-BC League following her 2017 move from Henderson County to just outside Weaverville! Having been active in the Henderson County League, she was familiar with some of the League members prior to joining. Linda claims herself a ‘semi-retired’ public health nurse, working on contract basis with several health departments in Western NC. Her special interest include health care coverage for all, with expansion of Medicaid in this state. As an observer for the Henderson County League’s Observer Corps, Linda attends the local Board of Health meetings. “I hope to engage with health care officials in Buncombe County as an observer.” 


Sarah Zambon, Board Member

Board Member Sarah Zambon has been with the League since 2013. She is a local attorney and has provided information on voting rights and new voting legislation to groups throughout the community. Additionally, she led the League’s advocacy to protect the voting rights of Warren Wilson students in 2012 and to protect challenges to the voter rolls in 2014.



Our board members are elected in accordance with our ByLaws