Asheville Citizen-Times has a great article on Asheville City Council districts…

Voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a referendum question asking if they wanted to impose a district election system on the city, but a state senator pushing the move says the vote was “a sham.”

Unofficial results show 75.1 percent of voters voted “no” on the measure. It asked whether voters supported a strict, six-district system in which voters of those districts elect only their council representative, while the mayor is elected in a citywide vote.

The City Council voted unanimously July 25 to put the issue on the ballot, but the state legislature had previously forced the issue on Asheville.

The Republican-majority General Assembly passed a law June 29 mandating Asheville be split into six strict districts, with an at-large mayoral election. As the state has ultimate authority over cities, the effect of the referendum remains uncertain.

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Edwards: Asheville district vote a ‘sham,’ ignores law

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